Welcome to the ADRAQ (CSD) - Montreal website:

ADRAQ (CSD) - MONTRÉAL web page is for our members responsible for family-oriented residences. In order to build our site, we placed special emphasis on your comments and observations.

Two of these were taken into account and given particular emphasis:

- To focus on faster search links;

- To design visuals that reflect more accurately our reality;

Based on the observations and concerns you have expressed, your association has built a site  we believe, that better reflects our members needs.

By accessing our website, you will discover a wide range of information including official documents, communications and other more practical documents. You will also find a copy of our brand new collective agreement and the latest version of the Terms of Reference.

Of course, there will be additional improvements and adaptations to the site over time, as we continually work on developing this site to better serve the evolving interests and needs of our members.

To this end, in order to assure we continually meet your expectations, we invite you to share your opinions on how we can develop the site further in order to offer the information and  support our members expect from their website. Please, do not hesitate to to share with us any comments or ideas you feel can enhance the content it offers.

Enjoy your visit!

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