10 août 2017

Dears members,

"The comitment of our ressources is, first and foremost, the expression of an act and faith.  This comitment is at the very heart of the life projects we have adopted and which spouses and sometimes even our extended family participate."

Being a member of ADRAQ (CSD) - Montreal, allows us to break the isolation, which keeps us isolated in our homes, uninformed about our rights and subjected to arbitrary administrative decisions and interpretations issued by whom, or from where, we do not know.


Being part of the ADRAQ allows us to overcome the difficulties inherent in our status, to better understand our rights as well as our obligations, to develop solidarity, not only between the resources of Montreal, but also with those of the other regions, who share our common experiences and  difficulties.


By working together, we make the difference when it comes to improving the working and living conditions of our members, because it is by mobilizing together that we contribute to increasing equity and social justice in society .


"We are no longer working in the shadows, ADRAQ is shedding the light on their practices. "


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